Global Safety Boot Market Will Top $4,000 Million By 2019

A new study has recently been released which predicts the global market for safety footwear could reach over 4,000 million dollars by 2019, that’s an annual growth of 8.5% from 2013 when the market was around 2,250 million.

Europe boasts the largest share, most likely due to some fairly strict EU regulations requiring safety boots for certain occupations, followed by North America.

Of all the different industries that form the safety boot market, construction was the largest with much of it’s continuing demand being fuelled by large-scale building works in Asia. The second largest contributing industry was manufacturing, specifically with the oil & gas market in the Middle East helping to boost demand.

The safety footwear market, as defined by the study, was spread across the industries of construction, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

So, if you believe those stats, it looks like the future could be very bright for all European vendors of safety boots and work footwear (let’s hope so anyway!)

(The study was conducted by Transparency Market Research)

Dr Martens Boots – Our Design Efforts

Dr Martens have been running a competition over on their Facebook page to design a custom boot. Every month up until July some time, 2 lucky winners will have their own customized DMs made for them!

As big fans of Dr Martens safety boots it was only right that we all had a bash in the office, and here are the (ropey) results:

An 8-bit retro-classic inspired boot:Dr Marten - Jet Set Willy

The classic winged footwear style:Dr Martens - Wings

And some sort of bass playing  psychobilly cat thing:Dr Martens - Psychobilly Cat

Well, we won’t hold our collective breaths.

If you’d like to see a gallery of entries (mostly better than these), then you can pop over to the Dr Martens FB page.

As an aside, we have also started considering adding more non-safety DMs to the website, so please message us if there are any particular styles you’d like to see.